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  The benefits of being an artist on our team

As The Cranbrook and District Arts Council, our mandate is to promote the growth of the Arts in our community. 
We go above and beyond by making our Artisan shop a place to support both Artists to sell their work.

We always welcome new artists that are members of the Cranbrook and District Arts Council, and live in the Kootenays, to bring in work into the Artisan Shop. With over 10,000 visitors into our shop on a yearly basis, plus the constant walk by traffic who always peak in the window, Cranbrook Arts is a highlight for tourist and local customers alike.


There are many benefits to an artist bringing in their work to sell. One such benefit is that at our shop we solely stock Kootenay produced creations which are highly sought after.  We are the premier place to buy local art in Cranbrook, so you also get A LOT of exposure which always equals more sales.  Not only that but your work would be highlighted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


 Artist that consign their work in our shop (see below for details), can have a decrease of the consignment fee if they volunteer 1-2 days a month in the shop. The added benefit of this is to witness how the public appreciates your work. Interacting with customers, seeing a glimpse of the inspiration that your work evokes, and observing what is in demand with the public is invaluable market research.



If you are an artist or artisan, Cranbrook and District Arts Council member, and live in the Kootenays, we would be interested in having you present your work for consideration by our adjudication committee. It has to be at a level for sale, to ensure this we adjudicate all work to ensure quality of work. All work is adjudicated before it goes onto the sales floor.


To begin the adjudication process (see Adjudication Guidelines Sheet) email us:

  • a couple sample photos of your work

  • your artist bio (click here to learn how to write one)

  • business name/card (if applicable)

  • website, Business Facebook and/or Instagram (if applicable)

  • an inventory sheet with names and prices (see consignment inventory sheets below)

For more information on the adjudication procedure


We accept items on a consignment basis. Our consignment fee is 30%. But It can be lowered by Volunteering 1-2 days a month at the artisan shop


Facilitating A Workshop

Can you teach others an artistic technique?  We have a great facility and programming committee with a commitment to offering high quality workshops to our community. We put together a program to offer to interested artists both adults and kids in the Cranbrook Area  for Fall (September - December), Winter (January-March) , and Spring (April- June) sessions.  We are always looking for new facilitators with interesting ideas and projects to share. We accept applications for Fall by June 1st,  for Winter by October 1st and Spring by February 1st. Fill out an Workshop Proposal (below) and send it to  Attention: Programming Committee. We look forward to hearing from you!


Become a Member

Facilitating A Workshop
Become a Member
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