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 Cranbrook Arts is a non-profit charitable organization who's mission is to support the visual arts in Cranbrook and the East Kootenay area. We are here to uplift local artists and offer art opportunities for our community.

Cranbrook Arts’ mandate is:

- To provide education of the public through exhibition or presentation of artistic works.

- To encourage excellence in the arts through the granting of awards and scholarships.

- To provide artistic and cultural experiences and learning opportunities for the Cranbrook and Area population.

- To provide informational services to the public on the arts through various forms of media.

- To provide promotion and sales opportunities to local artists and artisans.

 Our organization has a respected Board of Directors, a diligent team of employees, and so many absolutely incredible volunteers.

Having  this awesome group of humans has allowed us to purchase and renovate our own Artspace,  offer art workshops and events for all ages and so much more! Cranbrook Arts is home to many new and established artists all across the East Kootenays. We are always looking for new artists and new opportunities for the community. 

If you are looking to get involved with us click here.

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