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Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

Kristin Teetaert
Executive Director

Kristin joined the Cranbrook Arts Team in Oct 2022

Kristin's vision is that Cranbrook Arts is a leader in providing arts experiences for makers and Artists of all backgrounds and skill levels. Art for Everyone!

Kristin is a multidisciplinary maker and art educator living in Cranbrook BC. She has her BFA in Developmental Art/Community Based Art Education from the University of Calgary, 2006. Prior to being Cranbrook Arts' Executive Director, she spent more than a decade working in the arts in Saskatchewan. Kristin enjoys working in many mediums, but works primarily in clay and wool. She also likes to collect art supplies that she admits she might never use. She also enjoys teaching art classes for both children and adults. Outside of art, Kristin loves plants, gardening and outdoorsy adventures. A recent transplant to the Kootenays, she is still in awe of how beautiful the area is and how much there is to do here.

You can view Kristin's Traveling Show "A Selection of Specimens" here

Staff Member Community engagement

Monique "Mo"  Cudbertson
Community Engagement Coordinator

Mo joined the Cranbrook Arts Team in July 2022


staff member program director

Kristie Girard
Program Director

Kristie joined the Cranbrook Arts Team in Nov 2023

As the Program Director for Cranbrook Arts, I hope to enhance community engagement in the arts and contribute to the overall cultural enrichment of the community through diverse and impactful artistic programs for youth & adults.

Meet our Program Director, Kristie, a former elementary school teacher who brings her background of Arts Based Education to her role at Cranbrook Arts while putting together our programming and teaching youth classes. Beyond the studio, Kristie can be found exploring local hikes, camping & paddling.

staff member

Dawn Fenwick
Book Keeping

Dawn joined the Cranbrook Arts Team in 2019

I've been happily retired since 2015, after a 34 year career in education. If I'm not playing in the pottery, I'm probably doing my little jobby (deposits and month end payouts), gardening, walking, or travelling.


Colleen Routley
Pottery Studio Technician

Meet Our Board of Directors

president of the board

Yvonne Vigne

Yvonne has served on our Board since 2010

Yvonne has worked hard for Cranbrook Arts to be recognized in as a vital organization that is necessary for a healthy and vibrant community. My goal is to  develop succession for Cranbrook Arts so there is always a strong art presence in Cranbrook and a place for our citizens to participate in arts and culture.

The Kootenays are my birth place and Cranbrook has been my home for 43 years.  My first love is painting but I am inspired by so many art forms. I am most inspired by nature with all it's color and splendor. I especially love to paint flowers, birds, and wildlife.  There is no better place to feed my soul than in front of my easel brush in hand making an image come to to life with each stroke of paint."

You can find Yvonne's work on

Instagram: vigneyvonne

Facebook: Yvonne Vigne

vice president of the board

Josh Eimer   Vice President

Josh enjoys his life in the Kootenays and is always a great help when it comes to technological challenges in our space. Josh has a great sense of humor and is a joy to be around.

board treasurer

Carleen Hamdon   Treasurer

  Carleen is an incredibly talented local potter located in the East Kootenay area. She tackles the big job of  being treasurer for the organization with a smile and expertise.

board secretary

Bonnie Hayes   Secretary

Bonnie has served on our Board since 2020 

I am excited to be working with Kristin and the Pathways program to help Cranbrook Arts become a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse arts organization.

Bonnie's first easel was the wall behind her parents' couch in Natal, BC. She has provided opportunities for art and photography students to grow at Mount Baker Secondary School since 1994 and is excited to assist with the continued development of Cranbrook Arts.

board member

Karen Diebert

Karen has served on our Board since 2020

Karen is working towards creating a stronger connection between the people of Cranbrook and area with the various opportunities created through the Arts.


I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. However, I have lived in a number of places across Canada, including near or on each of the three coasts; the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. Yet after 10 years of living in the North, I settled in BC. I have always been involved with a “craft or art” of some sort; from making mud-pies in the sand-box to building large clay vessels. I continue to get my hands dirty whether with clay, paint or dye.

board member

Tasy Strouzas

Tasy has served on our Board since


Tasy's Vision for Cranbrook Arts is to help support and promote Cranbrook artists to a wider audience.


Tasy is a Watercolor Artist that also dabbles in other mediums such as linocut block printing. He is inspired by finding beauty in everyday spaces that are often overlooked due to our busy lifestyles.

You can find Tasy's artwork on Instagram: theinkstaineddesk


John Wallace

board member


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