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Gallery  Submissions

We aim to provide exhibition opportunities for all artists: professional, emerging, pre-emerging and community Artists in all disciplines. We offer several calls for submissions per year for our group shows. We also provide an opportunity for Artists to apply for exhibitions or propose an exhibition idea. Currently the Gallery is booked into 2024-25. Watch for a general call for submissions to open up in early 2024.

 The Gallery can facilitate the sale of Artwork, but selling your work is not a requirement to exhibit. Unless otherwise stated, the Gallery will take a 30% commission on all sales made through the Gallery.  

The Gallery has professional lighting, a wire hanging system, moveable walls and a large collection of plinths of varying sized and heights. We’re eager to explore different installation options to best showcase your work.

New Calls for Work Coming Soon!

Have a question about the gallery?

Email Kristin:

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