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 The history of
Cranbrook Arts

MARCH 13TH, 1945

  We can trace the origins of Cranbrook Arts all the way back to March 13th, 1945 when The East Kootenay Fine Arts and Handicrafts Association was formed. 

  Fee's for membership were set at $2 for active members and $1 for an associate membership. 

  The focus of our organization has changed in wording over the years but the main goals have remained the same in sentiment, To promote and showcase all forms of arts and artists in the East Kootenays area. 

  The organization made a big splash in the East Kootenays and even held Cranbrook's first International Folk Festival in 1951. They held this event in Mount Baker's Auditorium and thirteen countries/cultures were represented: 
Ireland, France, Scotland, Ukraine, England, Poland, USA, Holland, China, Italy, Hawaii, Mexico, and Switzerland.

  The goal of this Festive was to represent Canada's unity of cultures blending together. The Festival included various performances such as singing and dancing.

This is the original newspaper article! 

1945 Article 2.png
1945 Article.png

This was the article printed for the International festival in 1951

MAY 17TH, 1973


  Skipping forward to May 17th, 1973, 
the Cranbrook Arts and District Council was officially created. This is where Cranbrook Arts became Cranbrook Arts!

The original founding members wrote up the constitutions and by-laws
outlining their goals and hopes for the organization. This is also where Cranbrook Arts formed as a non-profit organization. May 17th is the set anniversary date, we celebrated our 40th anniversary in the Ktunaxa Gym alongside the Gala Concert.

  Here is some of the original notes when they first starting having meetings.

  Long-term Cranbrook Residents might recognize a couple names!


in the 70's


May onwards and Cranbrook Arts quickly began to soar in popularity. in the second newsletter to ever be published by organization they state this:

"The Cranbrook and District Arts Council is progressively advancing from its infancy stage by its involvement in various forms of art activity. Firstly, a newsletter has been initiated, and very well received. "

regular meetings began to be held at Mount Baker every third Wednesday of  the month.

  More coming soon! this page is a work in progress!
- S.

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