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Easily one of the best things about 1401 is our Pottery Studio! 

Lessons and workshops are available, for anyone, any age. We teach a variety of skills hand-building or using a pottery wheel, as well as glazing and finishing techniques. You don't need a membership to participate in a course or workshop! If you are interested in a pottery workshop, click here

Potters who have demonstrated a higher level of experience and knowledge can purchase a studio membership—either a three month trial session or an annual membership— to give them access to the studio without taking a class or workshop. Studio potters are allowed access during open studio hours (and/or if the studio is available).


This part of the facility has several appliances such as The wheels, slab tables, kiln and other items. With use of care and instruction by pottery representatives, participating members of the studio are welcome to use such tools.

Looking for more Pottery Studio Info? Click here

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