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Youth Advisory Council

  Are you an ambitious, creative young person looking to get involved in the local art scene? Apply to become a Youth Advisory Council Member today!  As a YAC member you will work alongside other eager folks to create art based opportunities, events, and projects to engage our community.

  The CDAC YAC will have 8 – 10 members between the ages of 17 and 25. These members will serve in an advisory capacity to CDAC, make recommendations that inform the Board’s decisions, and allow members to have authority over procedural decisions on things like budgets and programming created by the YAC members.

  YAC members will be ambassadors for CDAC. The YAC will have a board member facilitate a meeting at least once a month. Members are expected to set agendas, attend all meetings and contribute to creating a robust, active council. YAC will generate their own funding through grants or fund- raisers for projects the YAC want to create.


A youth leader is someone who...

  • Takes initiative in coordinating activities and projects

  • Is accountable for a projects success

  • Can organize a project from start to finish

  • Inspires other youths and adults into action

  • Communicates clearly

  • Is a great listener, taking everyone's opinions into consideration 

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